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-想想爱生活- 留言于:2013-11-09 17:38:36
-maur4ser- 留言于:2008-09-04 10:08:52
Hello My name is Helen, i saw your profile at(members.wenxuecity.com) today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address (helen2serge@yahoo.com) I believe we can move from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email address above Helen Remeber the distance or age or colour does not matter but love matters alot in life) PLS WRITE ME DIRECTLY WITH THIS EMAIL ADDRESS helen2serge@yahoo.com SO THAT I WILL TELL YOU MORE ABOUT ME OK
-sg1845- 留言于:2008-02-20 13:36:30
How could you only pay $3.00 to do d wire transfer in Wachovia in New York to ICBC China.
-hubeisun9- 留言于:2008-01-02 10:38:06
I would like to contact you. my emai: deltayue@yahoo.com Best James
-glass_view- 留言于:2007-12-23 20:50:37
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
-funweek- 留言于:2007-11-09 07:20:44
fffafff你好 我住VA,有加拿大绿卡,今年有女儿以国际学生身份申请美国大学,看了你的文章“ZT选校要综合考虑的种种因素“想问个问题,文中的“得州大学‏“具体指的那一所大学?,或它的分校名字?我想省点学费,非常感谢你写了那么多的好文章,如果你能回答我的问题,那就更感谢了!我的地址是:yanjuanzhang@hotmail.com 2007 11 9
-landowner8- 留言于:2007-10-15 20:26:57
苦命的中国大陆留学生 十年前,股市红火的时候,许多大陆留学生在公司上班,顺便炒股。结果,2000年高科技股泡沫破灭,大部分人赔了钱。你碰到的老留学生中,来美国十几年,还开一辆破旧的低档日本小轿车的,一般是在股市赔了钱的。很多人赔的惨,老婆离婚的都有。 紧接着,911后,享有“泡沫工程师”美誉的格林斯潘,通过不断的降息,把美国房地产带进了半个世纪以来从未有的空前大牛市。北美大部分都市区的地产价普遍高涨。 那个时期已经上班挣钱的中国大陆留学生,和来自港台的华人学生完全不同,自己的生活里没有房产私有的基本常识,因此,这些人,基本上也没有投资地产的意识。一些人自己住,买了房。结果中了乐透。财产随着房价而暴涨。 相当一些老留学生坚持租房住。结果又错过一波发财良机。 转眼,进入2005左右,房地产开始走下坡路。现在则刚刚进入一个持久的大萧条期。 新来的中国留学生,由于受国内房地产变态市场的诱惑,一到美国就张罗着买房。结果,在最危险的时间,进入一个日渐衰退的房地产市场。 人,能够预测市场走向的,少之又少。自己的朋友圈子中有这么一个的话,一定要珍惜。
-锦珑- 留言于:2007-07-12 13:59:52
您好,非常欣赏您的文章,我建立了一个网站,大华府中文网,www.huafu66.com. 如果可能,能不能把您的文章发到我的网站上?非常感谢您的支持
-zhu6884- 留言于:2007-06-30 01:13:58
fuck you
-天津小市民- 留言于:2007-05-17 20:45:29
建议你没事儿时去看看你在回国论坛上的留言。这里是我的: 让我怎么说呢,劣根性尽显文中。回不回国是您自己的决定。爱回不回。为什么非要把自己的决定描绘得那么高大,把别人的想法贬损得一钱不值呢?像你这样的人,美国少一个是一个。看到你这样的人回国,也会给一些正在考虑回国的人泼上一大盆凉水。 想问问你在美国哪个区域,回国跟你呆的地方太无聊是不是也有关系?还有就是,请不要因为参加或组织过几个亚非拉欧美人都有的活动,就把自己描绘成国际友人的样子。没劲。
-他们都叫我APPLE- 留言于:2007-05-12 11:43:46
-storm_zhang- 留言于:2007-01-08 18:56:46
-k_pangpang- 留言于:2006-11-19 20:55:27
hello, Thanks for the H-1B information. Just a particular question. Where or which form should I indicate that I want them to send all the contact letter to me directly instead of my employer? Is it bad that I use my own address on the application form? Thanks.
-henter_car- 留言于:2006-11-13 20:40:01
Hello fffafff, Thakns for sharing your experience regarding H1B DIY on Wenxuecity web. I have one question for you. If I plan to extend my H1B by myself, will the process same as yours? You can eamil me vis hunteryw@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance! Hunter.
-3434- 留言于:2006-10-28 19:38:52
老兄,能不能留个msn或email什么的给我? 我有一些关于金融行业的问题要向您请教。 我的MSN:oad_37@hotmail.com
-dragonlinkage- 留言于:2006-10-18 23:20:32
Dear Friend, We are three Chinese MBA students at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. In this summer, we successfully launched www.dragonlinkage.com. It is a social networking website dedicated to promote social connections among Chinese students and professionals overseas. Our website has already gained extensive exposure from Chinese domestic media. Please refer to the following links. Yahoo!:http://cn.tech.yahoo.com/060824/555/2oafo.html SINA:http://finance.sina.com.cn/chanjing/b/20060823/1404878287.shtml SOHU:http://it.sohu.com/20060823/n244954587.shtml It has many cool features and functions to help you enlarge your social network. As a Chinese, we know that it is always better-off to have more Guanxi (connections). It is not just about more profits, but also more fun, more convenience, and more supports. Here is what the website offers. After you register, you maintain lists of contacts of people you know and trust in life or business. Your contact lists form a socoial network. In www.dragonlinkage.com, your network consists of your direct connections, your connections’ connections (called 2nd degree connections), connections of 2nd degree connections (called 3rd degree connections), and connections of 3rd degree connections (called 4th degree connections). Such network can be extremely helpful in searching jobs, making new friends, organizing events, or seeking fun. In a word, leveraging www.dragonlinkage.com, you will have trenmendous chance to expand your social networks and thus enhance your life experience. Thank you very much for your precious time. We wish you register in our website and play with it. Please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns or suggestions. Sincerely, Management Team, Dragonlinkage North America
-tangxiaobaobao- 留言于:2006-10-04 16:58:37
-FEICHANGZHAOJI- 留言于:2006-08-14 16:18:41
Hi, Thanks for sharing your expirence of applying green card. Could you please share your petition letter and the other material with me? Thank you!
-golfcat72- 留言于:2006-08-11 07:22:39
hey ,can i ask you qustion please? i been married 6 month ,my husband is citizen ,what shoud i do to bring my 8years old son here from china ,do u know how long to take ? thanks alot !!!
-百川纳细流- 留言于:2006-08-10 06:43:22
HI, 朋友, 首先,恭喜你非常成功地卖掉了你原来的房子并赢利40W。真的是很羡慕你。 我现在住在波士顿,4年前买了一套CONDO。看了你的文章后,我真觉得我当时买房时真是太傻了,什么都不知道,什么都不懂,就稀里糊涂地买下了。现在才知道,原来买卖房时还有那么多的技巧。虽然还没有想立即卖掉换个大一些的,但换房是早晚的事。所以我也在考虑考个LICENSE,这样在以后的卖房和买房时不会再那么傻呼呼的了。我想请教你几个问题,考LICENSE需要哪些学习材料?在哪里能够找到?你在文章中提到了一点,如果能够更详细一些就好了。 顺便再问一句,卖房的赢利是否还需要上税? 谢谢
-williamsonchuren- 留言于:2006-07-31 11:00:43
Could you do me a favor to send me some tips or safe and fast way about partition of my IBM thinkpad T60M? I have a problem there.Thanks!
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